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Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7.7 Conversations with Dead People

The Dish: Buffy rolls around with a dead guy...again.

HOT! The Big Bad's Coming Out Party

Finally! Yes, the Big Bad was teased from the jump of Season 7, but after that it totally coasted on #FromBeneathYouItDevours. We still don't know exactly what it wants -- well, I'm sure it doesn't take a genius to figure it out, *cough* APOCALYPSE! -- but we know how it operates. I love, love, love that it can take on the form of the deceased, because man alive, does it fuck with the Scoobies' heads. Can I get a 'muahaha'?

HOT! Stranger Danger

'There are some things you can only tell a stranger', the wise Holden says to Buffy. We really haven't checked in with Buffy's feelings about love, life, and being the Slayer, in awhile. Her conversation with dead person was absolutely enthralling, and I think for the first time, Buffy was able to put how she was feeling about her crazy complicated life into words, as helped by Holden. She has a superiority complex, but also an inferiority complex about her superiority complex. It makes sense. Every time I have detested Buffy's actions, it's because she's been a superior, holier than thou Super-Bitch. But on the other side of that coin, when it comes to love and sex, Buffy lets herself get completely owned because of her guilt over her feelings.

This entire episode, with its complex conversations, emotional revelations, and not having to shoehorn every cast member in -- No Xander or Anya. Love em, didn't miss em. -- was sheer brilliance. Kinda makes you wish they would have hatched this idea in Season 1, and once a season got a 'Conversations with' episode.

NOT! 'Yeah baby, I'm back'...or am I?

So it looks like Spike's chip is a-wonky and he's back to killing people again. Pardon me, but I'm not biting, Spike's character has been floundering for a solid foothold in this season from the premiere episode. In the past, whenever that's happened, it's all been smoke and mirrors. Don't get me wrong, I love me some William the Bloody, but methinks he's gone, baby, gone.

HOT! Percy could have told you, don't fuck with nerds.

Nice try, Mr. Big-Bad-From-Beneath-You, but you picked the wrong redhead grieving the loss of her soulmate to mess with. But oh, how smart that Big Bad was. First of all, thanks for coming in the form of Cassie. I was really happy to see her again. Second of all, Willow's greatest fear is that she'll get into a really dark place and 'make with the flaying' once again. Preying upon that fear, plus pretending it was Tara delivering that message, was straight up cold-blooded. But I guess that goes with the whole being evil and all. Mad props to my girl Willow, who was not only smart enough to figure out that Tara would never encourage her to commit suicide, but strong enough to emotionally fight to that conclusion. And you know what that means, if the Big Bad wants to take her out: Willow is one powerful-ass Magic Mama. Evil of the world, beware!

HOT! American Horror Story

How great was that haunting at the Summers' house? First of all, way back playback to the whole concept of the entire series -- the screaming pretty girl in the horror movie is the one who fights back against the monsters. We have start with Dawn being Teeny McTeenTeen from Teensville, ordering elicit pizza -- and SINGING to it! -- playing with weapons, hiding damage to the house, and of course, playing scientist with the microwave -- okay, that expanding marshmallow was pretty cool. Then the house attacks her. Sure, at first there's a shitload of screaming -- wouldn't you? -- but as soon as Dawn thinks her mother's trying to communicate with her, she fights back and expels the monster. Drinking game! Take a shot every time a girl does something badass this episode.

HOT! Jonathan's redemption

Jonathan and Andrew, the Dynamic Duo, roll back into town hoping to get in good with the Scoobies by helping them fight against this mysterious new evil. 'You really think they'll let us join their gang?' Jonathan asks Andrew hopefully. It's really all the poor guy has ever wanted. Yet even as he uttered these words, I got the sense that Jonathan himself knew that will never, ever happen. But when he died, he was truly at peace. His whole speech about the people he went to high school with made me well up with tears. It's really when Jonathan became a complete person. After Andrew cruelly tells Jonathan that nobody cares about him, Jonathan calmly and honestly responds 'well I care about them'. He knows he may never fit in, never be loved like he deserves, but he still believes in fighting the good fight. Bravo, Jonathan, bravo.

NOT! The cheesy 70s music video over-top of pivotal plot points

We really got hit with a Mac truckload of plot-heavy info and twists...but did the effects have to be so cheesy? When angelic Joyce told Dawn that in the end, Buffy wouldn't choose her, I wasn't shocked and horrified like I should have been...because Joyce looked like she was in a Princess Leia parody sketch. And um, the fucking death of Jonathan?! This was ha-uuuuge. But him falling on that evil, pentagramy thing with that red gel coming out of him that was supposed to be his blood? Beyond cartoonish. It looked like he and Andrew were trying to shoot some wannabe satan-rock band video. The poignancy was just lost.

FASHION SLAYER! Let's give it to the dead guy.

While he may not be Buffy's type -- or even worth her remembering -- Holden looked all kinds of dead guy-sexy. Kudos to his family for burying him in that spiffy suit. I dug it. Also, Scoobies take note: next time Buffy dies, hit up Mr. and Mrs. Holden's Parents to dress her. You lost all right to do that when you stuffed her in that sack of Amish potatoes you call a dress.

That's all for me this week, my lovely readers. What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite conversation with dead people? Agree with Holden's diagnosis of Buffy? Ready for something exciting to finally happen with Spike? Post a comment and let me know. Check in every Tuesday for my latest Buffy blog.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7.6 Him

The Dish: The Scooby ladies want what's underneath RJ's jacket.

NOT! Whipping Girl Dawn

In past viewings of 'Him', I have wanted to strangle Dawn. Crying like a tea kettle, getting in little 'snits', and shredding Buffy's cheerleading uniform because Dawn had a bad audition. But the little bit really had a rough go of it this episode. First, even though she gets to have a more active role in the Scoobies, she's still the 'Scrappy Doo', and will always feel left out because of her age. Second, the girl really has no friends. God knows where Goth Girl by Claire's and West Side Story went -- not saying that I miss them -- and Cassie's dead. Dawn is really alone and the potential for a hottie boyfriend like RJ really seemed like it would make all Dawn's problems go away. But then she humiliates herself at cheerleading tryouts and her sister -- she of the older, hotter, has sex that's rough variety -- steals away RJ. Previously, when Dawn laid down on the train tracks I was #TeamTrain but this time, my heart just bled for her.

HOT! Love makes you do the wacky

While Dawn may still be at the periphery of the Scooby Gang, I really appreciate Buffy having real, frank, adult conversations about relationships. Dawn is wise beyond her years to point out the contradictory nature of love -- Xander loving Anya but leaving her at the altar, Spike loving Buffy but trying to rape her. Dawn has real dimension and is not just the brat so many people think she is. Yes, she'll fling herself face first on the couch and cry about a broken heart, but I am in awe of her observations about this wacky thing called love.

HOT! Love Spell the Sequel

I know this episode is not looked upon highly by the Buffy community, but I am game for any storyline dealing with spells that make people act kooky, and I love me some human perps. I found it so clever that Xander unknowingly solved the mystery in the first few minutes when he said 'it's the jacket'. And anything about high school drama-drama I am all over. But I do have a few minor questions and quibbles. Did RJ know his jacket was enchanted? I'm going to go with no, because he doesn't seem to use it to get himself out of bad situations, like being hauled into Wood's office or getting cut from the starting line-up. Also, how come RJ doesn't have every girl in Sunnydale chasing him like he's a Beatle? The Scooby girls are all hot for him, and so are the cheerleaders, but that seems to be it. Does the jacket pick which girls find the wearer attractive?

NOT! A jerky, buttinski named Lance

From the way Lance described RJ's life pre-jacket, you would think the eldest Brooks brother was talking about a kid dying of malnutrition and disease in a third world country. But actually, I think RJ would have been better off. A life of model UN and writing poetry is way more attractive to me than just another jock. Plus, RJ is already mega-statutory delicious. I'm really surprised someone as big an asshole as Lance wouldn't just keep the jacket for himself. Being in your mid-twenties and wearing your high school letterman's jacket isn't that much sadder than living at home, begging Xander and Spike to stay and reminisce about the glory days.

NOT! The Odd Couple

Okay, I must admit, I'm thrilled to see Spike out of the basement. I actually really like this quiet and tough, get it done, version of Spike. But I do not believe for one micro-second that Xander would ever be okay with letting Spike stay with him. I don't care how hard Buffy pushed for it, I would never help somebody who tried to rape my friend. Xander was ready to kill him last season, but now he's begrudgingly offering Spike bottom bunk? Maybe the Xan-man is even lonelier than we think...

HOT! Here's to you, Buffy Robinson

How hot was that almost-seduction scene with Buffy and RJ? I don't know about yall, but I was having flashbacks to 'Cruel Intentions'. Man alive, Buffy turns into such a horndog when under these love spells. The girl better count her lucky stars that only Xander and Dawn bore witness to her little straddling display. Imagine if Principal Wood caught her? Oooh, now imagine if Principal Wood joined them. Dammit, sorry guys, this is a family blog. I'll keep it in my pants.

HOT! Funny ladies

Most episode of the series have at least a couple of laughs, and the filler episodes like this tend to go straight for the comedy. But this episode was in a league of its own. I don't think they've ever done anything as stylized as a quartered split screen, and that cool cat criminal music over top was just perfect. Willow's plan to turn RJ into a girl -- thanks, Anya! -- was so ridiculous that I almost wish it would have worked. But the icing on the cake had to be that shot of Buffy ready to blow Principal Wood to kingdom come, only to be stopped by Spike, and the oblivious principal just keeps on listening to his jazz. Loved it.

Also, I thought it would have been a fun throwback if Willow had been wearing a feather boa when she got hit with the love whammy from RJ. If you recall, a certain werewolf/most perfect boyfriend ever once said that for him to fall for a woman, it takes a 'feather boa and the theme to " A Summer Place"'. But I can't talk about it here.

NOT! Anya being hazed into the Scooby Gang

Buffy told Anya she wanted her back in the group, but did not mention the horrible degradation Anya would have to endure to reclaim her position. I mean, that's why Anya's wearing that horror show of a vest, right? It has to be.

FASHION SLAYER! Dawn's 'made of paint' sexpot shirt

Daddy like. Seriously, Dawn is quite the underage hottie and I love that both Xander and Willow practically drowned everyone at the Bronze in their drool. Too bad Faith wasn't there. She'd be so proud of bitty Slut-o-rama. I know I am.

That's all for me this week, my lovely readers. What did you think of the episode? Was it one love spell too many? Happy to see Spike out of the basement? Did Daddy like Dawn's outfit? Post a comment and let me know. Check in every Tuesday for my latest Buffy blog.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7.5 Selfless

The Dish: Anya the Frat Boy Slayer has such a nice ring to it.

HOT! Anya's origin story

It's always a treat when we get to see our favourite vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness as mere mortals. And who isn't bursting with glee to see the return of Olaf? What I loved about seeing Aud become Anyanka is that we got to see two major aspects of who she is. First, her Aud -- sorry, odd -- way of speaking. We as viewers just assumed that Anya spoke this way when she returned to human form because she hadn't been one for over a thousand years, but no, she has been this way all along, which really just makes me love her all the more. Second, Anya is a diehard, hopeless romantic. In some ways, that's sweet, but when you give everything you have to another person, and there's nothing left for yourself, shit can get upsetting if the relationship goes awry. And it just goes to show that going from human to demon to back again doesn't change who we are.

NOT! No Halfrek origin story?

Real talk, I'm not said to see Halfrek go. She was an annoying fair-weather friend. But why tease the Halfrek/Cecily thing if it goes absolutely nowhere? Every time this grating creature appeared on my screen, the connection to Spike as the only thing stopping me from hurling my glass of wine right at her. If anyone has any info on how Cecily became Halfrek, I am mildly interested -- though I may forget about it by the time I finish writing this blog.

HOT! A 'Once More with Feeling' encore

How great was Anya's vintage housewifey ode to Xander? Not only was her dress so adorbs it almost won the Fashion Slayer award, but we got to see Anya with her gorgeous goldilocks again. Also, it reminded me that Xander can be lovable. While thus far, the man has been in my good books for Season 7, that song plus his romantic, knight in shining armory actions made his stock sky rocket. While I am a modern day lady and wholeheartedly believe a girl can rescue herself, it really turns me on in a vaginal way when a dude comes to his paramour's rescue. Even if he was blinded by love and probably just should have let Buffy kill Anya, I was so proud of Xander. Methinks he just grew his balls back.

HOT! Grown-up Buffy making the hard choices

While I applaud Xander's chivalry, I gotta say that I think Buffy had the right idea. Even though those frat douchebags totally deserved to be tortured, maimed and killed, it's the Slayer's job to put a stop to any demon committing mass murder in her town. That scene in the Summers living room, with the original Scoobies having that summit, was super-fascinating. We have Buffy who is actively ready to kill Anya, Xander who is actively ready to stop her, and Willow somewhere in between. She knows that Buffy is off to do the right thing, but she refuses to be a comrade at arms alongside her bestie. When I first saw this episode, I genuinely thought Buffy had killed Anya and was simultaneously heartbroken, and kind of proud of Buffy. Slayer definitely be wearing big sister clothes now.

NOT! Anya taking back her vengeance spell

Joss Whedon and I are in firm agreement: fraternity boys are the worst, and those of the fictional persuasion deserve to die bloody. Humiliating that poor, sweet girl was so cruel, so douchey. In other words, so fratty. I totally get that Anya doesn't want to be a vengeance demon anymore. I totally get that her brief return to human has made her feel stronger guilt over her actions. It's totally fair for her to want to go back to be a human, and never kill a living soul. But am I the only one who sees that what she did was ultimately a net positive for the world? Remember that horrible 'Reptile Boy' episode that keeps getting homaged every other episode? Remember how Xander got his revenge by whaling on that one Kappa Gamma Douche? How sweet would it be if Anya and Xander got back together and went all Dexter, murdering one frat boy at a time? Or in Anya's case several.

FASHION SLAYER! Anya's sexy sundress with frat blood accents

I really think I'm onto something with this 'Anya and Xander the Frat Boy Slayers' thing. I mean Anya, who normally dresses like a sexed-up clown, was so smoking hot in that black and white dress. Even her hair was cute in those bouncy, happy-go-lucky curls. But what really made that outfit pop was the deservedly-shed blood of those frat assholes. I will miss this look.

That's all for me this week, my lovely readers. What did you think of the episode? Tickled pink to see Olaf back? Should Anya have kept the world a better place and let those frat-holes stay dead? Anyone know how Cecily became Halfrek? Anyone really care? Post a comment and let me know. Check in every Tuesday for my latest Buffy blog.

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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7.4 Help

The Dish: Willow 'Googles' an underage girl.

HOT! Scooby Doo, where were you? 

The gang is back together and I am loving it. With all the drama-rama going on last season, we haven't seen them really work together since... oh god, 'Doublemeat Palace'. 'Help' really feels like a throwback to old school 'Buffy', where the gang has a good, old-fashioned mystery on their hands. And while this show may be well out of the 90s, I'm always tickled pink when it dates itself, like when Xander didn't know what 'Google' was, and thought it was a sex thing. On that note, Giles and Spike, you can 'Google' me any day.

NOT! 'Reptile Boy' redundancy

Two ingredients to a good mystery are solid red herrings and an unexpected culprit. 'Help' had both of these, so no complaints here. And I loved the douche-tastic way that dickwad blond guy distracted Dawn -- her poor little face when she realized he wasn't asking her to the dance! But I gotta say, the ball was officially dropped on the big reveal. A group of asshole dudes ready and willing to sacrifice a young woman for heaps of riches? I've heard that song before. Seriously, what is with the 'Buffy' writers going back time and time again to the 'Reptile Boy' well? It's famous for being one of the more universally panned episodes of the entire series. How many times have we seen a giant snake as the featured creature? And I swear they just kept the 'Reptile' robes and reused them for this episode.

Furthermore, while I am completely sold on the plausibility that a fraternity is capable of committing horrible acts of violence against women for personal gain, I have a little more trouble believing that six dudes all from the same high school can do it as well. Also is it just me, or do these guys look like they're well into their 30s? I know it's a classic teen show trope that 'high school' students look way older than they're supposed to be, but c'mon. This is 'Sunnydale High: The Next Generation' we're talking about here.

HOT! Willow says 'goodbye' to Tara

I'm so happy for this scene. I said multiple times at the end of last season, Willow needs to mourn her dearly departed lover, and not just for her own sake. There is real evil a-brewing in Sunnydale, and Willow knows she will be called upon to fight. Tara's death was the reason Willow went all Wiccapalooza before, and she can't afford to do it again. Willow's goodbye was all kinds of loving and sweet, and a real reminder as to why we loved this couple. RIP Tara Maclay.

NOT! Saying goodbye to Cassie the Prophecy Girl

I adored Cassie. What a character -- complicated and dark, yet filled with a kind, giving soul. Like probably most of you, I was so having flashbacks to 'Prophecy Girl'. Think about it. Back in Season 1, Buffy, a teenage girl with her whole life ahead of her, was told, in no uncertain terms, she will die. Her reaction was one of the most heartbreaking things television has ever seen, where she angrily laughed at Giles and Angel. Cassie's could not be more polar opposite, so calm and ethereal. So accepting. In some ways, Cassie herself is a red herring to this mystery. With her dark poetry and her matter-of-fact attitude, there's an insidious suspicion that Cassie really might take her own life.

That's why it's so bloody heartbreaking when she tells Buffy and Xander she wants to live. And I've gotta give the show props for that twist about her heart condition. Straight up, the last season of this show we love so much has already offered up a plethora of new characters, and SPOILER ALERT! they ain't done by a long-shot, folks. Cassie was one of my faves, and she will be missed.

HOT! A way less annoying Scrappy Doo, aka Dawn

It's fun to see Buffy accepting Dawn as part of the Scoobies, and the little bit is more than pulling her weight. None of the others would have been able to get as close to Cassie as the Dawnster. In fact, I actually felt bad for her when the gang immediately rejected her Mike suspicion. And I'm sorry, but if you didn't feel for Dawn when she mourned Cassie at the end, that's just cold-blooded, yo.

FASHION SLAYER! Buffy the Guidance Counselor

While Buffy may have no idea how to do her job, she looks fabulous doing it -- or not doing it. With the exception of that white blouse with the flowers that looks like it was designed by a first grader, Buffy's outfits keep getting better and better. Buffy wins this week's Fashion Slayer award for her workplace ensembles, particularly this flirty floral number.

That's all for me this week, my lovely readers. What did you think of the episode? Sad to see Cassie go? Happy to see the gang back together again...plus Dawn? Wish Buffy was your guidance counselor back in high school? Post a comment and let me know. Check in every Tuesday for my latest Buffy blog.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7.3 Same Time Same Place

The Dish: Willow is so cute, Gnarl could just eat her up.

 HOT! Willow’s return to Sunnydale

 As much as I loved Willow at magic rehab in England, it really was time for her to come back into the fold. And I thought the ‘you can’t see me’ accidental psych-out spell was brilliant. How many of us have been so scared of a potential outcome that we end up willing it to happen because we doubt our abilities in ourselves to prevent it? Now take that scenario and imagine you’re a powerful witch who is only just learning to control her powers all over again? But our Willow is one wicked-strong magic momma and while I just wanted to give her all the hugs and bake her all the cookies, I was totes cheering in her corner as she went about trying to solve this mystery. NOT! The show’s most disgusting demon: Gnarl

We’ve seen some ‘gross’ things on the show. Skin falling off bodies to give way to their inner fish monster, people mauled by werewolves, Warren flayed. All images I have been able to take in without feeling too queasy. But Gnarl got to me. To this day, I cannot eat whilst watching this ep. First of all, I have a thing about gross, long fingernails. I avoid Guinness World Record books so I never have to look at that man with those mile-long, yellowy claws. And the fact that Gnarl uses those barf-inducers to pick skin off his vics and eat it? Ick.

While I did think Gnarl’s taunting nursery rhymes went on a little too long – Writing Staff: ‘Hey this episode is still too short, should we just get Gnarl to sing some more random crap?’ – he only got a NOT! rating out of me for his gross-out factor, because he made for a fabulous featured creature. HOT! Anya’s new home: the gray area

Horrendous brunette dye job aside, I am digging Anya this season. Such layers. She went from being a heartbroken, dumped, helpless woman to her old self, an all-powerful vengeance demon. But her time as a human has drastically changed her, and now eviscerating and castrating the male race doesn’t quite give Anya her jollies anymore. In this episode, she was used to perfection. It’s funny that back when Anya first arrived on the scene, she and Willow were enemies of sorts. But since Willow went dark, Anya is now able to identify with her more, and helps do the demon locater spell with barely a begrudging mood. Though she’s no longer a Scooby, Anya is ready and willing to lend a helping hand, be it on Dawn patrol or a rescue mission. But she’s still a demon. And she’s still got a job. One she better start performing better, and that spells conflict for the gang. HOT! Using Spike’s stupid insanity for a solid plot twist

It’s no secret that I am sick and tired of Spike’s conveniently weaving in and out of sanity. When he babbles on and on, it’s annoying; when he has a moment of clarity, it’s frustrating in its nonsensicalness. But I must say it was used to perfection when he was simultaneously approached by Willow, and Buffy and Xander. Everything Spike says to these two parties actually makes sense, even if spoken through a cray-cray filter, but because Spike is so wackadoodle, the Scoobies aren’t able to connect the dots and realize what’s happening. But as cool as this scene was, I’d like to see Spike back on the cover of Sanity Fair. HOT! Buffy the bestie

 There are times when our Slayer can really be a terrible friend. She drops her friends like lit matches any time someone shiny and new and fuckable comes into her life – and vagina – and she has been known to occasionally behave in a self-righteous, holier than thou way. But despite all that, Buffy is a really good friend. At the end of the ep, Willow said it best, that sometimes Buffy has to put her calling first. Buffy has to explore all possibilities of a Hellmouthy situation, even if it means suspecting her friend of being Willow the People Flayer. This whole invisibility twist was a result of Willow’s biggest fear, that the gang, particularly Buffy, wouldn’t accept her. But Buffy does her one better, in that tear-jerking final scene where Buffy ‘gives’ Willow some of her strength. My pink is tickled pink to see these two besties back together again FASHION SLAYER! Buffy and Willow in their one-of-million leather jackets

May I address the fashionable elephant in the room? I realize that Buffy has moved up in the world, career-wise, but how in the bloody hell is she able to afford all of this outerwear? Every episode she wears one, sometimes two, fancy coats or leather jackets. Are we really supposed to believe these are all from that massive shopping trip that Hank Summers sponsored between Season 1 and 2? And what about Willow? Does she just magic herself a new leather jacket? Hey, she did it when she went dark, why not for everyday life? It’s a good thing these girls are able to call upon the forces of darkness and/or deadbeat dads to keep them well-supplied in jackets because with a demon like Gnarl, they get destroyed right quick. Either way, both ladies look slamming. Congrats, reunited BFFs, on winning this week’s Fashion Slayer award. That’s all for me this week, my lovely readers. What did you think of the episode? Happy to see Willow back? How gross is Gnarl? Ready to smack Spike upside the head with a little bit of sense? Post a comment and let me know. Check in every Tuesday for my latest Buffy blog. Dish later;Liz

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7.2 Beneath You

The Dish: Anya goes both ways.

HOT! Buffy finds out Spike got his soul back.

Let's not bury the lead. While I'm still not a fan of Spike's convenient weaving in and out of sanity, I was absolutely chilled to the bone by his mausoleum scene with Buffy, where she discovers the truth. Here's why it breaks my heart: I'm trying to repress the whole going to Africa thing, but when Spike got his soul back, I thought it was because he couldn't live with himself after Rape-gate, and wanted to get his soul to ensure he would never do something like that again. But really he got it back to have a real shot at being with Buffy. As much as I hate lovesick puppy Spike, I've got to give the man credit for his persistence.

As for Buffy, none of this is her fault. She went from calling him an 'evil, soulless thing' to being mature and crystal-clear that she doesn't want to be with him because, simply, she doesn't love him. It really isn't even about not loving the vampire, it's about not loving the man. When Buffy was with Angel, she didn't love him because he had a soul; she loved him because he was Angel. Even when he turned into Angelus, a part of Buffy still loved him. That horrified look on her face when she realized what Spike put himself through, and the semi-cray cray mess he is now, was because of her. You know shit is complicated when it's easier to fight side by side with somebody you're afraid will try to rape you again. It's like a bedroom farce without the comedy.

NOT! Xander making time with Nancy.

Okay Nancy, you're a hottie, I'll give you that. But seriously, you've got no personality. I had to Google her name because I already forgot it. Now let's get to Xander. I admit, his flirtation skills were definitely on the smooth side. But if you recall my last blog, you'll remember me theory that when Xander is a boyfriend/fiance, he's a Grade A asshole. So to summarize, I'm very happy that Nancy seems to be going the way of the Scrappy Gang from last episode, and never, ever returning.

NOT! ANOTHER snake-worm-demon?

Really, the well on these guys has run dry. Frat parties, keynote graduation speakers, blah blah blah. The Ronnie demon really didn't play a huge part, but could they not have picked another animal?

HOT! Double-agent Anya

This is a super-fascinating dynamic with Anya being a vengeance demon again. It's one thing when she's cursing men by making them French, it's another when she turns them into demons that hurt people and kill dogs -- seriously, it was such a hilarious girl cliche that Anya the vengeance demon cried out 'aww puppy' when she found out the dog kicked it. When Anya hurts people it puts Buffy in a hella awkward position as the Slayer. And speaking of bedroom farce comedies, that confrontation scene in the Bronze was so amusing. Honestly, who wasn't turned on by that ex-lovers' quarrel between Anya and Spike? I was optimistically hoping that when Spike clocked her in the face, it would lead to one of those violent making out deals. Ah well, a blogger can dream.

HOT! Badass Dawnster

I am all kinds of loving Season 7 Dawn. Her little stare-down with Spike was all kinds of hot. And brave. Seriously, I'm almost 30 and I wouldn't be able to threaten a homicidal, Slayer-killing vampire -- especially one I wouldn't mind shagging. But that whole 'you'll wake up on fire' threat made me so proud, both as a sister myself and as a Dawn apologist.

FASHION SLAYER! Giles in his contempo-Brit leather coat

As much as I yearn for Willow to be back in Sunnydale with her rightful Scoobies, I am really going to miss her receiving motivational speeches from Giles in the English countryside. This particular one really took the cake. Giles has a way of being a perfectly honest, non-bullshitter but being totally comforting and fatherly. That line 'you may not be wanted, but you will be needed'...sigh. For once Giles made my eyes wet instead of my lady bits. But then I remembered him in that classy-ass leather number and my lady bits followed suit. Congrats Giles, on being this week's Fashion Slayer.

That's all for me this week, my lovely readers. What did you think of the episode? Are you, like me, enjoying Season 7 more than you remembered? Ready for Spike to officially choose between Team Sanity and Team Cray-Cray? Anya -- better as a human or vengeance demon? Post a comment and let me know. Check in every Tuesday for my latest Buffy blog.

Dish later;