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Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2.7 Lie to Me

The Dish: Buffy's old friend has a vampire fetish.

What to do when you're bored and lonely, and your honey is out working late? Prey on children at the local playground of course! Drusilla's just about to sink her teeth into an unfortunate young boy when Angel steps in and totally fang-blocks her. Dick. He warns Drusilla to take Spike and get their sexy vampire asses out of town (I'm paraphrasing). Clearly the two know each other, and have history as the look on Drusilla's face suggests she's trying to suppress an orgasm at the notion of seeing Angel again. Even though Angel is purely talking business, to the casual observer it would look as if the two are canoodling. And by the casual observer, I mean Buffy, who happens to be on patrol and witnesses their exchange.

The next day at school, Buffy is seriously bummed. Who is this bitch in her skanky pajamas making ho-eyes at my man? she wonders via notes in class to Willow -- god, remember the medieval days when clandestine gossiping actually involved a pen and paper? Do they even still make those things?

Buffy's quickly dragged out of her blahs by the arrival of Ford, a friend from her old school, and a former love object of hers. Ford informs her that he's officially transferred to Sunnydale High, and Buffy wastes no time in rolling out the welcome wagon by inviting him to the Bronze. Xander is less than thrilled at having his 'Angel is the bad guy' high come crashing down by yet another prospective gent who might get into Buffy's Slayerpants.

Still, Xander puts on a good effort that night, playing pool with Willow and Ford. Buffy finds Angel and subtly asks him what he did last night. He lies and says he stayed in. This pisses Buffy off and she decides to make him jealous by leaving with Ford. After their exit, Buffy tries to explain her complicated relationship but then hears sounds of a vampire attack. She tries to shake Ford but he follows her and witnesses her stake a vamp. Buffy is surprised at Ford's lack of reaction and then he drops a doozy on Buffy: he knows she's the Slayer. Buffy is initially shocked but then later admits to Willow over the phone (with a cord and everything!) that it's a bit of a relief that she won't have to lie to Ford about her identity.

After Willow says good night, she is startled by Angel knocking at her door. She lets him in and is adorably flustered at having a boy in her room. For virginal nerds, that's like second base. But Angel's not there for a booty call (too bad). Something's not right about Ford, and Angel assures Willow it goes deeper than simple jealousy. He asks her to cyberstalk Ford and get some info. And there's none -- no school records, nothing at all on Ford. This raises some undead eyebrows.

Angel's suspicions just might have merit, as Ford turns up at a shadyass club in an underground industrial warehouse. The place is packed with young hotties dressed up in cheesy goth clothes. Ford assures two of them, Chanterelle and Marvin Diego that the 'plan' is still in motion, a plan involving dying young.

The following night, Buffy gives Ford a tour of Sunnydale, and they end up back on campus where they spot a couple of vampires. Buffy goes after the dude vamp while Ford tackles the chick, telling her that he'll let her live, if she tells him what he wants to know. After Buffy kills her vamp, she comes back to find Ford alone. He tells Buffy that he killed the chick-vamp and although Buffy is surprised, she buys it.

Meanwhile, Willow's further online sleuthing gave her the name of the warehouse club Ford visited earlier. She investigates with Angel and Xander and they find out that it's an almost-cult of teens who idolize vampires. The trio surmises that Ford's participation can only spell trouble for Buffy.

At the library, Buffy meets up with Giles and Ms. Calendar -- who were on a date, awwwwwww. She summarizes the night's events but then is distracted by a picture of Drusilla. Giles tells her that she was Spike's old lady before she was killed by an angry mob in Prague (as opposed to a cheerful one?). Buffy informs him that Drusilla is actually alive and well, relatively speaking. Before they can ponder this any further, the chick-vamp from earlier breaks into the library and steals one of Giles's books. But isn't that the vamp Ford 'killed'? Something's up.

Oh Buffy, is it ever. Ford shows up at Spike's lair and declares he wants Spike to make him a vampire. Spike rolls his sexy badass eyes, but Ford gives him an offer he can't refuse: if Spike agrees to sire him, Ford will deliver him Buffy.

Angel shows up at Buffy's house to tell her about Ford's involvement with the vamp wannabe cult, but she flips the script and demands to know about Drusilla. Angel is taken aback but he tells Buffy the truth: he made Drusilla a vampire, but not before driving her insane by killing all her friends and family, forcing her to flee to a convent where he sired her on the day she took her vows. Dick move, dude. After coming out as an ex-violent psychopath, Angel awkwardly segues into the bit about Ford. Buffy is understandably upset, feeling betrayed by just about everyone.

The next day at school, Buffy is a tad frosty towards Willow and Xander, as they did go behind her back with Angel, investigating Ford. Later, when she runs into Ford he asks her to meet him at the school that night for a 'surprise'. Buffy agrees, knowing that he plans to betray her so she follows him to the nightclub.

Upon her arrival, Ford and the wannabes trap her. The warehouse is actually an old bomb shelter and the one door can only be opened by someone from outside. And that someone will be Spike. Buffy tries to reason with Ford, pleading him not to go through with his plan. That's when Ford drops some shocking news: he has brain cancer and will be dead in a matter of months. He is determined not to go out that way, and even though he knows that Spike and crew will kill all the others, that's a small price to pay for immortality. Buffy, still reeling, shares her sympathy but insists what Ford's doing is still wrong.

Show time. Spike, ever so punctual, shows up and lets his crew start feeding. Buffy knocks Ford out and spots Drusilla. She holds the undead ho at stakepoint, and threatens to turn her to dust if Spike doesn't let all the humans go. He reluctantly agrees and they all flee into the night. Buffy throws Drusilla at Spike and leaves the bomb shelter, locking the vamps in with Ford. Angel shows up and Buffy tells him what happened. She says that Spike will find a way to get out and she'll go back in the morning for the body. Ford's body. Tear.

Buffy's had a rough week. She's felt betrayed by her friends and kind-of boyfriend and she feels uneasy about Ford's complicated villainy. Giles listens to these feelings as they wait by Ford's grave, waiting for him to rise (Spike held up his end of the deal). He does and Buffy stakes him right away. She turns to Giles and asks him if life ever gets less complicated. Giles asks what Buffy wants to hear and she looks at him with big, sad eyes and asks him to lie to her. He poetically and kindly obliges and Buffy calls him a liar as they walk off into the night.

Liz's BITES:
* What a knockout episode. Between this and last week's Halloween adventure, I boldly declare that this is where the show officially found its footing. The characters are no longer just likeable and fun, they are REAL. I have never felt more sympathy for Buffy as I have this episode. Being the Slayer is complicated enough, but it has never interfered with her personal life on such a magnanimous level. In the real world, when a new boyfriend spills a secret, it's usual that he has a kid, or the clap, or four wives (or if you're really unlucky, all of those things). Buffy knew Angel had killed people as a vampire, but to hear the sadistic, gory details is a hard pill to swallow. So it's a big comfort to have an old friend like Ford show up, right? Well sure, if you take out the part where he plans to kill her. It's not so simple as putting a stake through Ford's heart or chopping his head off. He's a bad guy, who is human. Shit got real, yo. The last scene with Giles was extremely emotional as I watched Buffy cling to the last vestiges of innocence and simplicity. Things can only get messier from here on out and I cannot wait to watch.

* On the fun side of things, this episode was a total throwback to 90s technology. Like when Buffy and Willow are talking about Drusilla via passing notes. No texting for these ladies, they had to be stealth. And how about when Angel had to ask Willow for help in finding out info about Ford...online. If this took place today, even vamps would be tech-savvy and Angel could do that himself. But then we wouldn't have had that adorable scene in Willow's bedroom. Also, there was Giles giving Buffy the number of Ms. Calendar's 'beeper thing'....so fun.

* Speaking of so fun, I think it would have been a barrel of laughs to have seen Giles watching monster trucks. Who else is with me?

* Without further ado, let me award a Fashion Slayer. In the real world, I balk at people wearing their pajamas in public. DON'T YOU OWN PANTS? However these people ain't got nothing on my favourite crazylady vamp, Drusilla. Buffy had reason to be jealous... because Dru was a total smokeshow in that white nightgown. If I were Spike, I'd want to keep her locked up too.

That will be all for me this week, my lovely readers. I hope you didn't miss me too much. Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts. Did you love this ep as much as I? Did the note-passing make you yearn for the days of simpler times? Is Drusilla the next undead fashion plate? Don't forget to check in every Tuesday for my latest blog.

Dish later;

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